Speciality Products

Ferro vanadium – increased strength properties for steel

Ceramic Filters – Suitable for both ferrous and non ferrous metals (various dimensions and pore sizes)

Recarburiser – low sulphur

Slag Coagulant – expanded perlite for increased efficiency.

Magsave – a high efficiency nodulariser cover for use in the sandwich treatment of SG iron, ensuring maximum alloy recovery.

Ferro Titanium – Sizing 10 – 35mm 68% – 72% Ti 4% – 5% AI

Ferro Aluminium with Aluminium content of 60% – 65% is available on request. This heavier source of Al is ideal for furnace de-oxidation; increasing recovery and reducing slag formation.

Ferromolybdenum – Available in the standard 1 – 10mm sizing as well as 10 – 50mm with 64% minimum Mo content.