The best foundry and steelworks supplier in South Africa

With close on 50 years’ experience servicing local and global foundries and steelworks, Mineral-Loy is considered one of the best and most trusted suppliers of ferrous and non-ferrous materials in South Africa. We are known to tailor our offerings to the specific needs of customers.
Mineral-Loy has a team of three physical metallurgists and five engineers which form the technical team and are able to assist in resolving all technical matters. Our team is a mixture of youth and experience allowing us to respond to a range of issues as well as assisting with the use and application of our products.

Mineral-Loy has strong supplier relationships and only work with the world’s most reputable suppliers, with a thorough due diligence done on all suppliers. This ensures that only the best quality material is supplied to customers, whilst at the same time working with customers to reduce input costs. As such, our brand is associated with quality products at affordable prices.
We pride ourselves in ensuring a quick turnaround time to customers and are able to tailor product packaging requirements to the specific needs of customers.
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