In the pursuit of offering turnkey solutions to clients, Mineral-Loy has integrated material processing into its chain of sales, marketing and logistics. Our range of services include breaking, crushing, separations and screening operations for a range of different products. We are able to process any material ranging from several meters wide and thick to only a few millimetres in size. These services are offered either as a standalone service or coupled with Mineral-Loy’s 45 years’ experience in sales, marketing and logistics, thereby offering a complete turnkey solution to clients.

As part of Mineral-Loy’s continual drive to innovate, several custom-built machines have been deployed at various mining and manufacturing sites. Mineral-Loy has deployed excavators, material handlers, breakers and screens to process, sort, stockpile and load material for internal use by clients and also for resale into both the export and local markets.

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Through the development and deployment of specialised breaking equipment, Mineral-Loy offers unique solutions for the breaking or crushing of large blocks of material in the mining, manufacturing, demolition and quarrying sectors. The types of material that can be broken by Mineral-Loy includes, amongst others, pig iron skulls, pool iron, steel skulls, steel, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, granite, iron ore and rocks.

Along with an in-house technical team consisting of mechanical and chemical engineers as well as metallurgists, Mineral-Loy also works with numerous local contractors who provide on-site teams of operators and supervisors, in addition to workshops for mechanical work and fabrication. Bringing economic activity, skills development and local job creation to the area is an important part of Mineral-Loy’s sustainable development strategy.

Material loading, sorting and stockpiling at warehouse facility

Mobile, safe and effective Mineral-Loy breaking equipment

Screening and stockpiling of products at warehouse facility

Our turnkey solutions are unique, safe, environmentally friendly, quick and cost effective. As experts in the field, Mineral-Loy has the expertise to efficiently and effectively complete all projects whilst adhering to all necessary site-specific safety and operational requirements. Mineral-Loy is involved with projects that focus on processing both historical stockpiles and new arisings of material in order to rehabilitate the area to its original state and ensure zero waste.

If you have any material which requires processing or stockpiles of materials for which you do not have a solution, then please do contact us.