Ferro chrome is an alloy of chromium and iron containing 50 -70 % CR by weight. It appears as mildly lustrous grey metal/powder. Properties of FeCr are high strength, corrosion resistance, wear and oxidation resistance in steel making. FeCr is supplied in the following grades:

Low Carbon Ferrochrome

LCFeCr is an alloy containing a minimum of 60% Cr and a maximum carbon content of 1 % C. It is used to regulate the ratio of Cr in steel production without Carbon and other unwanted elements. Appears a silver – grey and lustrous. LCFeCr is used in production stainless steel and high temperature and corrosion resistance steel.

Medium Carbon Ferrochrome

MCFeCr is produced by further refining of charge chrome. The process occurs when liquid charge chrome is bottom blown by oxygen and steam to reduce carbon content. Silicon content drops to below 1.5 % and carbon to less than 2% Max. MCFeCr has a greenish with flaky granulated appearance.

High Carbon Ferrochrome

Also known as Plasma chrome containing a chrome content between 50 – 55% Cr and carbon content of 8-9 %C. Plasma chrome has a grey lustrous look and lumps can be supplied in different particle sizes of 20-80mm and also 3-20mm. used in the steel making industry for production of tool steels and other alloy steels.

Charge Chrome

Charge chrome is a category of HCFeCr developed primarily to utilize lower grades of chromite ores with a lower Cr/Fe ratio. As such these alloys typically contain lower levels of chromium (48-52%) compared to plasma chrome (above mentioned), and high silicon content 4-6 % Si. These alloys are commercially important to steel and stainless-steel producers that utilize Argon oxygen decarburization (AOD) and similar technology in that it allows cost effective addition of chromium units while still being able to maintain low carbon levels.

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