Breaking large blocks

Through the development and deployment of specialised breaking equipment, Mineral-Loy offers unique solutions for the breaking or crushing of large blocks of material in the mining, manufacturing, demolition and quarrying sectors.

The types of material that can be broken or crushed by Mineral-Loy includes, amongst others; pig iron skulls, pool iron, steel skulls, steel, ferrochrome, ferromanganese, granite, iron ore and rocks.

Mineral-Loy offers turnkey solutions which are safe, environmentally friendly, quick and cost effective. As experts in the field for over 4 years, Mineral-Loy has the expertise to efficiently and effectively complete all breaking projects whilst adhering to all necessary site-specific safety requirements.

Please contact Mineral-Loy should you wish to find out more or if you’re interested in hiring our equipment and team on a short or long term basis. We are able to provide transport, maintenance and operational teams which limits customer risk and the need for a large capital outlay.