Breaking Rocks, Granite, Iron, and Concrete

Mineral-Loy offers a range of specialist hydraulic impact breakers which have the ability to break very large rocks, granite and iron blocks weighing 100 – 200 metric tons each as well as reinforced concrete slabs/blocks. The larger and more difficult the material is to break or the thicker the slab, the more suitable our equipment is to effectively break the material into the required sizes.

Our unique equipment removes the requirement for explosive blasting, lancing or other cutting techniques. All large blocks can be broken in their current position without the need to move the material as our machinery moves to the material rather than the material moving to the machine.

Mineral-Loy has an exceptional track record of running successful operations at various sites across South Africa. All operations are not only entirely effective but also completely safe being run by our team of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers and metallurgists who are deployed to the site.

If your requirement is breaking ultra-large rocks, granite, iron blocks, concrete or any other large material, then please do contact us for a tailor-made solution.