Ferro Niobium

Niobium, when added in small volumes of little as 0.01 – 0.02 % as a microalloying element in steel production has the ability to significantly improve the mechanical properties of steel which in turn improves both the yield and tensile strength and durability of steel whilst simultaneously conserving its elongation and ductility. This is achieved as Niobium acts as a powerful grain refiner, refining the grain microstructure by reducing the grain size in steel. As steel manufacturers begin to supply the market with higher strength and more durable steel products, industries are able to reduce their total steel usage in construction projects without compromising on the integrity on the finished product. Niobium is also able to reduce the total cost of production for steel producers by reducing the requirements for other alloys such as manganese based alloys.

For use in steel production, pure Niobium is commonly alloyed to produce Ferro Niobium. This reduces the melting point from 2469 °C  (pure Niobium) to 1370 °C (Ferro Niobium) which ensures that Niobium dissolves into solution quicker.   

As the studies continue into the benefits of Niobium in steel production it is evident the Niobium will play an integral role in steel for decades to come.  

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