Mineral-Loy puts safety first

Mineral-Loy has in recent years branched out into multiple site operations and, as such, focusing on health and safety has become more important than ever.

These operations include screening, crushing, truck loading, container packing, and various logistical activities which culminate in making sure that our customers receive high quality products and service.

Ensuring that staff are properly trained and are given the resources to complete work safely and effectively is a top priority. Creating a safe work environment is key to supporting all our employees in their day-to-day tasks.

Mineral-Loy is very proud of its operations team, who recently won first prize for best team at an on-site safety day. A safety walk, lunch, and various activities were arranged to help realign everyone’s focus on the importance of health and safety at the workplace.

We at Mineral-Loy strongly believe that health and safety must be upheld in our pursuit of providing customers with products and service beyond expectation.

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