Site clean-up operations

Environmental Awareness can no longer be ignored. Increased attention is being paid to issues surrounding the effect of mining on the environment and companies need to pay closer attention to the impact of current, as well as historical, activities in this regard.

In South Africa, as with most developing countries, the mining and manufacturing sectors are a significant contributor to economic success. Sustainable mining and manufacturing practices are therefore key to a successful industry and rehabilitation of sites are an integral part of this process.

“Rehabilitation, from the mining industry perspective, means putting the land impacted by the mining activity back to a sustainable usable condition.” (TANNER, P. Guideline for rehabilitation of mined land. Chamber of Mines of South Africa, Johannesburg, 2007. p. 4.)

Mineral-Loy is involved with projects that focus on processing both historical stockpiles and new arisings of material in order to rehabilitate the area to its original state and ensure zero waste. By deploying custom built machinery, Mineral-Loy offer an environmentally friendly solution for clearing scrap material, iron blocks, skulls, slag and derivatives while simultaneously generating positive cash flow for the site.

Mineral-Loy currently has operations at several mines and manufacturing sites. If you have a waste product or large stockpiles of materials for which you don’t have a solution which have arisen out of the steel, foundry and mining sectors, why not give us a call?