Mineral-Loy takes on Africa

Mineral-Loy has come to realise that the African continent is rich in minerals which are essential for foundry and steel production. However, foundries in Africa import a large portion of commodities from other continents which can be supplied cost effectively by Mineral-Loy in South Africa.

Through this initiative, Mineral-Loy has made significant inroads into the African market through the supply of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, including mineral sands such as Foundry Chromite Sand, Rutile and Zircon. We have been able to supply quality products at affordable prices with repeat business being secured at all customers.

We specialise in sourcing a range of products for customers which are supplied in mixed containers. Therefore, do not limit your request our be burdened by ordering full containers containing a single product but rather ask Mineral-Loy to quote on a mixture of products to be shipped together.