Nickel in iron, steel and stainless-steel production

Nickel is an important element in alloy steel production, and depending on the concentration can have numerous effects on the alloy system. At low concentrations it acts as a pearlite refiner, increasing the hardness and toughness of cast iron and steel. At higher concentrations it is used in low alloy steels to increase hardenability and toughness in combination with chrome and molybdenum where it finds wide usage in machine components, automotive and aerospace applications.

A major consumer of nickel is the stainless-steel sector, where it is an essential element in the production of various very important grades of corrosion resistant stainless steels. It is the primary austenite stabilising element used in the production of the austenitic stainless grades, known for their excellent corrosion resistance in most commonly encountered environments and ease of fabrication. It is also present in various concentrations in nearly all other stainless grades. Furthermore, it is an important element in some super alloys used in high temperature, high stress environments such as jet turbine components and power plant equipment.

Mineral-Loy is the distributor for Nickel Briquettes and Nickel Powder produced by Impala Platinum in South Africa and surrounds. This products conform to ASTM Grade A and is available in various packaging options including bulk bags, normal drums as well as other custom packing options.