Pig Iron

Mineral-Loy is a supplier of various high purity Pig Iron grades under the Sorelmetal trademark. Our Pig Iron is produced by Richards Bay Minerals in South Africa which is a state-of-the-art facility and part of the Rio Tinto Iron and Titanium Group.

Pig Iron is produced through the mining of a mineral sand known as ilmenite which is processed in an electric arc furnace to produce iron and titanium slag. The iron is further processed with additives such as calcium carbide, lime and coke. The processed iron is then cast into pig iron ingots to produce Pig Iron.

Mineral-Loy Pig Iron is renowned for consistency and high quality with limited fines in the material. We have a range of grades available from lower grades with higher impurities to ultra-high grades with limited residual elements. This makes our Pig Iron idea for the production of SG iron but is also used in grey iron foundries and steel mills.

Advantages of using Mineral-Loy Pig Iron:

  • Ultra-Low residuals makes Sorelmetal ideal for the dilution of deleterious elements from scrap and other charge materials.
  • A high Sorelmetal charge percentage lowers chill values in base iron and creates a higher nodule count in ductile iron.
  • High density and ease of handling.
  • Carbon recoveries of almost 100 %.

Reduced energy requirements of 10 – 15 % relative to melting scrap.