Turnkey solutions in SA mining and manufacturing industry

In the current economic climate, companies can no longer afford to limit skillsets and expertise to only one aspect of the industry. In order to compete with global markets and operate at maximum efficiency and flexibility, a turnkey approach must be taken. In an ever-changing industry, staying agile is crucial to running a successful operation.

Over and above our marketing efforts and logistics expertise, Mineral-Loy employs a multidisciplinary technical team comprising of metallurgists, chemical, process and mechanical engineers.

Having a broad range of skills allows us to not only support our products through assisting customers with trials, cost optimizations and general queries, but also continue to work at putting together innovative solutions in order to develop new product streams and business opportunities.

Through this approach, Mineral-Loy has taken on new projects requiring us to deploy specific machinery for site clean-up and materials processing, allowing us to export high quality products at competitive prices.

Mineral-Loy prides itself in its capability to provide customers with tailored product solutions backed with the knowledge and skills to support them. At Mineral-Loy we are constantly working to ensure that we provide our customers with products and services beyond their expectations.