Beach Iron, Pool Iron and Pig Iron Skulls

Mineral-Loy is a recognised supplier of Beach Iron, Pool Iron, Pig Iron Skulls and other Pig Iron derivative products in South Africa. These products are cost effective alternatives to basic Pig Iron and perfectly suited for steel production.

Through our extensive knowledge of pig iron, a 45 year supply record and a technical team of physical metallurgists and engineers, we are able to offer technical advice to ensure that our products are fit for purpose.

All Pig Iron derivative products have a high Iron and Carbon content coupled with low slag and residuals such as Mn, S, P, Cr and Cu among others. Through the use of our products, customers are able to use lower grades of scrap and less anthracite/carburisers.

For more product details, please see our Beach Iron brochure.

Transform the way that you make steel, increase efficiency and reduce costs. Contact Mineral-Loy today for more details on our Pig Iron derivative products.