Ferromanganese is an iron alloy containing high Mn content as much as 80% Mn by weight. It is mainly used as a deoxidiser and counters bad effects of sulphur in metals. FeMn improves hot working properties and impacts properties such as increased strength, hardness toughness and hardenability.

Medium Carbon Ferromanganese

MCFeMn is made after smelting Mn ore with coke in a blast furnace or electric arc furnace. MCFeMn is a good deoxidiser and desulphuriser for steel production. Packed in into 1 MT bulk bags with a particle size 10-80mm and has a dark grey appearance. 80% min Mn and Carbon content of 2% max C.

High Carbon Ferromanganese

HCFeMn is a widely used ferroalloy and has a Mn content between 70 – 80 % Mn and C content between 6-8 % C by weight. Generally used in production of carbon steels and cast iron for its impact in hardenability and high strength properties.

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