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Grinding Media Balls

The use of ball mills in mineral comminution is a critical step in many extraction and production processes where size reduction to a fine powder is required. While pan milling and grinding [...]

Mineral-Loy puts safety first

Mineral-Loy has in recent years branched out into multiple site operations and, as such, focusing on health and safety has become more important than ever. These operations include screening, [...]

Ferro Titanium (FeTi)

Ferro Titanium (FeTi) is an alloy of iron and titanium with between 10 – 20% iron, 45 – 75% titanium and occasional trace carbon. The most common grade has a 68 – 72 % titanium content. The [...]

Ferrochrome (FeCr)

Ferrochrome Ferrochrome (FeCr) is an alloy of chromium and iron, generally containing 48 to 70% chromium by weight. It is produced in an electric arc furnace by the reduction of chromite ore. [...]

Ferro Vanadium

Vanadium is a strong carbide and nitride forming element where the hardness of these compounds is the basis for a range of tool and die steels; both cold working and high-speed steels. The [...]

Foundry Chromite Sand

Mineral-Loy is a distributer of premium Foundry Grade Chromite Sand sourced only from reputable miners and wash plants. In the production process, raw Chrome Ore is mined and crushed before [...]

Breaking Rocks, Granite, Iron, and Concrete

Mineral-Loy offers a range of specialist hydraulic impact breakers which have the ability to break very large rocks, granite and iron blocks weighing 100 – 200 metric tons each as well as [...]

Nickel Briquettes

Nickel is an important industrial metal with a wide variety of uses, the majority being used in alloying ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These can range from exotic alloy systems such as [...]

Pig Iron

Mineral-Loy is a supplier of various high purity Pig Iron grades under the Sorelmetal trademark. Our Pig Iron is produced by Richards Bay Minerals in South Africa which is a state-of-the-art [...]

Beach Iron, Pool Iron and Pig Iron Skulls

Mineral-Loy is a recognised supplier of Beach Iron, Pool Iron, Pig Iron Skulls and other Pig Iron derivative products in South Africa. These products are cost effective alternatives to basic Pig [...]

Breaking large blocks

Through the development and deployment of specialised breaking equipment, Mineral-Loy offers unique solutions for the breaking or crushing of large blocks of material in the mining, [...]

Site specific machinery and equipment

As part of Mineral-Loy’s strategy to develop new business and create innovative solutions, several custom-built machines have been deployed at various mining and manufacturing sites to process [...]

Site clean-up operations

Environmental Awareness can no longer be ignored. Increased attention is being paid to issues surrounding the effect of mining on the environment and companies need to pay closer attention to the [...]